Neck Pain Can Be Caused By A Number Of Problems

Neck Pain Can Be Caused

Although the human body is regarded as an engineering and biological marvel, its complexity means that there is a lot that can go wrong with it. We only need to look at the health section of online bookstores to realize that health issues number into the thousands. Some complaints are more common than others, and one of them is neck pain. The problem with the neck is that it is the main support between the brain and the spinal cord, which is the main nerve for the body. The good news though is that pain in the neck is rarely a problem with the spinal cord.


So what can cause pain to occur within the neck region? The first thing to realize is that the skull and brain are both heavy, and so when we are upright, our necks are having to support all of this weight. What this means is that only a small problem in the neck needs to occur, and the weight pressing down on it can make it seem a lot worse than it actually is. If a muscle is pulled in the neck, it hurts, but if it still has to hold up the head, then this exacerbates the problem. This is why neck braces are often used to treat an injured neck.

Muscles of the neck can be torn, pulled, or maybe go into spasm. These can happen due to various reasons, with the most common two being a sports injury or a car crash. The latter is often referred to as whiplash. The ligaments in the neck can also become tight and result in pain. While arthritis can fuse the neck bones together, which can cause inflammation in the area. Treatment for most neck problems usually involving rest and keeping movement to a minimum. In most cases, the healing process is 100%.

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